Monday, July 18, 2005

Launching, christening, inauguration, birth, the First Time.

I just returned from my mid tour 15 day R&R leave, and as I talked to my Family and Friends, a common theme emerged. Several times I heard variations of this question: "You must be really busy over there. Are you getting my Emails?" Yes, yes I am. I just do a horrible job of replying to them in a timely manner. So I decided to attempt a new method of staying in touch. This Blog should give me a forum to keep everyone who is interested in what I am doing updated, and give me a forum to run my mouth about whatever particular issue is bugging me that day. Everybody wins!
So, to those who have emailed, written, and sent those oh so wonderful and appreciated care packages, THANK YOU! I have received them, and I apologize profusely for not doing a better job of keeping in touch. I invite you to please visit this site often, and comment, especially with your questions and suggestions for future post topics. Also, does anyone have a copy of "HTML for Dummies" laying around that they aren't using? I need some help!


Awaiting Deployment said...

Welcome! I'm looking forward to hearing from you in the future! You should be able to find some resources online....that's how I learned initially! Take care over there and don't get too excited about getting home in jan/feb.....there are no sure things in the army! We ALL know that!

Mary Godwin said...

Good to see you up and running on the blogosphere, Pat. Your writing deserves a forum of this kind; it will be interesting to read other reactions to what I see as a strong voice and compelling narrative. I'll be reading along. Do get yourself hooked up with Technorati tagging. There are a lot of folks out here looking for currently active-duty bloggers to read, and tags are the way we find one another. Finally, from the look of your initial set-up, it looks like you're ahead of me on the HTML stuff. Do pass along any great "tips" you find... start with how you added the cartoon at the bottom of your opening page. Great work here!