Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A new beginning

Since I started doing Media for "The Blog of War", People have been asking why I stopped blogging. I never wanted this to be a political commentary blog, so I am going to leave it as is, my journal of a few months of my life.

I do feel like I have a lot to say though, so I will be blogging at mustangrants.blogspot.com. If you want to read my humble opinions about war, economics, freedom, and whatever else I feel like, check it out. Flames are welcome and even encouraged.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The land of Oz

Yes, I did make it home. I have struggled with what to say, and I am still struggling.
Mostly, I feel like I have been in Oz. I left just after Christmas in 2004, and returned home on New years day 2006. A Christmas tree was still up, although not the same tree (I hope). A year had passed, but I was stepping back in to my life as if I hadn't left. I don't have the words yet to describe the disconnect I feel sometimes.

I was in this place. Some people I knew died. I didn't. I came home. The only thing that place and this one have in common is me, and sometime I feel like I don't belong in either. I would rather be here. Most of the time anyway. I will belong to this world, not that one. I will not be wearing an "OIF" hat 20 years from now.

Maybe, someday, if I try real hard, I may even believe that the network news isn't fiction.

Oh, and since the Dow is finally above 11,000 again, I am convinced that the Street wants Cheney to shoot more Lawyers.