Saturday, August 20, 2005


I was going to write a post today celebrating going a week without any indirect fire attacks (rockets or mortars) on the FOB, but this morning a soldier walking out to his vehicle found an unexploded 57mm rocket sticking out of it. He is pretty confident it wasn’t there the day before, so….Hey we went 6 days without any indirect fire attacks!


Breezy said...

Could have been worse... It could have been detonated.
Keep it safe out there soldier! Hooah!

exMI said...

I would prefer it to have blown up the vehicle in the night. (assumeing of course it wasn't parked right outside my tent.) Then a vehicle would have been trashed, now some "lucky" soul gets to remove that rocket, and disarm/destroy it with all of the intendent risks involved. Not my idea of a good morning.