Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So...about that whole "I'm done deploying" thing...

So, since I have gotten back, I have bounced around a few jobs, finally settling in as a full time Guardsman, happily working as a rear detachment readiness NCO for a deployed unit. I work downstairs from this guy, who got a call telling him that he was going to Afghanistan, and that he needed to call a list of people and tell them the same news. Guess who’s name was on the list. After talking it over with my darling wife, and weighing out all of our options, I decided that going on this mission was the right thing to do. It's an exciting mission, and I am going with good, experienced people. The aspects of the mission that I can share, I will. For now it is enough to say that I am packing my "A" bag and trying to lose a few of the "beer and pizza" pounds I have put on over the last couple years. And learning Pashto.

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