Monday, October 31, 2005

How specific do you want it?

Vanity first: I got some MSM notice, pretty cool to see it in print. The Sergeant mentioned in the article, Todd Whipps, is an old and dear friend of mine. We were in Bosnia together many years ago, and when we were activated for this deployment we had hoped to be stationed together again. I am glad to see that he is enjoying his time here, at least at moments.

I was sitting in the S2 shop (intelligence office) waiting for a meeting to start when the S2 got a call from a patrol. They had a suspect in custody and were looking for verification that the guy they had was who they thought he was. The S2 gave them a physical description which was, well, pretty generic. Iraq is full of 5'6"160 pound dark haired males, so the patrol asked for some more specific information. A few more minutes of research told us that the guy we were looking for had a pretty specific injury, so he told the patrol "“If he is missing 3 toes, he's the guy. Go ahead and bring him in."” The patrol, not wanting to arrest the wrong 7 toed guy, promptly asked us "“from which foot?"


Huntress said...

Congrats....Im sure its the first of many such moments is the MSM]s much deserved. And any good MSM press given to our troups is always welcomed.

Stay safe

Pamela said...

I can't thank you enough for that story. I'm still laughing my ass off!

Anonymous said...

Likewise, Pamela-- what a hoot! I'm sure glad I had swallowed my drink first!