Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Perfect answer

I try to come up with original things to say in this Blog, but most of the time the words of others say what I am thinking far more eloquently. This article at Mudville discusses retention in the Guard, and in it 1Lt Bruce Bishop states his reasons for staying in:

..."because as I look around at the state of this nation and see all of the weak little pampered candy-asses that are whining about this or protesting that, I'd be afraid to leave the fate of this nation entirely up to them."

Thanks LT! I hope you don’t mind if I use this as my stock answer from now on when asked why I keep doing this. Priceless.


Whitey said...

Hey there,

First and foremost, thanks for putting your life on the line for us back here in the states. There's a lot of times I wish I could join the fight myself. Who knows - it's not too late.

Anyways, I can't express how great a blog you have here. Keep us posted, and keep yourself safe. I bet the 50 degree MN weather sounds pretty nice right about now.


HappeningOverThere.com said...

Priceless indeed!

Huntress said...

You and all our troups fight America's battle for the pursuit of freedom..

I shall NEVER forget...I shall ALWAYS be grateful.

"Thank You" just doesn't seem enough.

The battle being fought on the homefront, led by the whining pampered candy asses rages on; and Lt.Bishop is right "we cannot leave this nation entirely up to them!"

What ever happened to the inner strength, resiliance and determination that those who forged this nation possessed?

SK said...

That quote is priceless!