Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Self indulgent prattling

DADMANLY is getting short…..I wonder if that would make me the senior enlisted Milblogger in Iraq? I don’t know of any E9’s who are blogging, and the only other E8 blogger I know about is in Afghanistan. OK, there is this guy, but he just made MSG, so I have time in grade on him, plus his BOG date is about 4 months after me…So, would that make me the First Sergeant of the Milblogosphere? I’ve been First Sergeant of a Firing Battery and a Target Acquisition Battery in the past, but putting a “virtual Diamond” on would be a great new experience…..Ah well, I think I will only have about 45 days left in country after Dadmanly leaves, and I know I could never find the time to post as prolifically as he does.

This is good news, and news you likely won’t hear about on TV. You probably heard about this all weekend, they were babbling about it on all the Sunday news shows. I have a few things to say about it, but Major K. says it better.

This from Iraq the model is a good post with a spectacular title. I had to link it just for that.

Jamie Hailer in St Petersburg is running a business I am envious of. Oh to find that perfect niche.

Dueling statistics: this seems to contradict this. Or not, depending on how you bend the numbers and demographic assumptions to conform to your personal preexisting biases. My bias leans in the direction of asking Congressman Rangel to stop running his soup cooler.


MSG Keith said...

Actually, I'm home from Afghanistan, but I'd go back in a heartbeat. I plan on continuing to blog, and I hoping to pin on a real diamond shortly. Stay safe.

dadmanly said...

Mustang 09,

Thanks for the plug (prolific, I can do, quality on the other hand...).

If no one else is located, I would be honored to designate you Acting First Sereant of the OIF Blogosphere.

I'll pass along the keys to the Senior NCO Gym and recreation facilities. Oh, and I'll mention to the Blog Clerk to start taking your research, linking and draft posting responsibilities.

(Didn't you wonder how I can be so prolific?)

Enjoy the remainder of your stay, may it be uneventful and dull. Boring can be is good here at FOB GroundHog (Day).

Stay safe,